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In this day and age, many of us are facing health challenges that are unexplainable. From food intolerances to autoimmune disorders, our bodies are being constantly challenged.

We go from doctor to doctor searching for the answers to relieve our symptoms, only to be handed a prescription for medication, or to be told that there is nothing wrong.

Dr. Amy Jackson has helped countless patients get to the root cause of their symptoms and restore their true health.

Why Use Functional Wellness?–It Contains the Answers
We take our healthcare concerns to the next level. It’s not about temporary fixes that keep you “feeling” better. Health Solutions NC is only interested in the body’s true condition. The science and discovery behind our participation in functional wellness make you our top priority. We understand that you are much more than the aches and pains, or chronic disease you’ve been diagnosed with. Getting to the root of the problem requires science, research, and relationship. Isolating symptoms and finding new ways to treat them is not the most efficient route to permanent health. In fact, it may not be addressing the problem at all.

Dr. Amy uses a functional wellness approach with all of her patients. When you come into our office, we don’t just ask you to sit down and fill out a routine medical history survey. We actually take the time to consider every factor in your daily life that could be affecting your health, including your environment, your diet, your lifestyle, and more.

Comprehensive Techniques For Long-Term Solutions
The long-time standard for health care treatment facilities and hospitals is to apply the acute care approach. It’s important to understand that our bodies were not meant to participate in a series of symptom-masking treatments. Health Solutions NC wants your body to experience as much comfort as it was originally intended to. This involves gathering data about a wide range of science-based healthcare approaches like genetics, medical history, lifestyle, environment, physiology, diet, and more.

The goal is not just to leave no stone unturned, but also to recognize that quality comprehensive care is about the whole person. Holistic treatment is the medical community’s new secret that’s giving patients the answers they’ve been searching for. In a nutshell, functional wellness is a healthcare approach that serves patients with both eyes open.

Experience Functional Wellness–Schedule an Appointment Today
We’re here to get you back on the fast track to pain relief and healthier living. Health Solutions NC is not here to empty your wallets and fill up your medicine cabinets. Functional Wellness has become a literal lifesaver for patients across the country. Add yourself to the list of chronic sufferers who found their answers through the thorough and final solutions provided by Functional Wellness.

Dr. Amy looks forward to helping you change your life for good, and giving you skills to continue healthy living long after you leave her office. Stop by anytime with your questions and concerns, because that’s what it’s all about. You bring us questions and we give you answers.